seating planYou adore Aunt Jenny and want her at the main table with Mum and Dad.  But, last month, Aunt Jenny got into a huge fight with Mum and now, Mum doesn’t want her at the table.  So, you move Dear Aunt Jenny to the table with all the cousins, but Aunt Jenny doesn’t like Cousin Harry’s wife, who made fun of her hat at the last family reunion.   So, you move Harry and the Wife to Table 13, but then you realize that Table 13 has Grandpa Smith, who had a fight with Harry’s Dad 26 years earlier and refuses to sit with Harry.  So, you move Grandpa to Table 4, but Gramps tends to drink quite a bit and you realize your newly sober Aunt Jane is sitting there.

ARGH!  It’s all so frustrating!  So, what is a bride with a big family and a whole lot of drama to do?

Plan your seating chart well in advance.  Make sure to keep up on all the family gossip.  But, short of sending out a newsletter to find out who likes who right now, this is the time to have your bridal party help you out.  If when your guests arrive and realise they are at a table that includes someone they dislike, ask members of your bridal party to do you the favor of switching seats with them.  After all, it’s only one meal and we hope that most of your guests will be on the dance floor for most of the wedding anyway.  Try to group people by categories like “Political Likeness”, “Singles” or “Age 50 and up”.

Another hint?  Try naming your tables with words like “Love”, “Happiness”, “Joy” and “Forever” instead of numbering them.  That way, Aunt Tilly won’t be offended that she is at Table 15 when her sister, Aunt Fiona, is at Table 4…and thinks that makes her more important.  With a little finesse (and a whole lot of patience) you can bypass the drama and have the day of your dreams.

Do you have any seating horror stories to share or cool tips to keep the peace?  Share with us in the comments!

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